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Cloud Management

Our cloud experts incorporate the industry’s leading technologies and align them with your evolving business needs.

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Cloud Security

Our security experts will reduce your risk of cybersecurity attacks with sophisticated threat monitoring and detection.

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Disaster Recovery

Our DR experts reduce the risk of downtime by customizing a disaster recovery plan made specifically for your business.

Spend Time Leveraging the Cloud, Not Managing It

With managed cloud services, your operational IT challenges will be under control. You can start focusing on growing your business and pleasing your customers. Our team of experts will build, manage, and advance your infrastructure so that it aligns with your ever-evolving business needs. We make it possible for your businesses to adapt, grow and innovate faster by making the most out of cloud services.

Every business is under constant pressure to get more done in less time, to innovate more disruptively, to discover the Next Big Thing. That’s hard enough when you have time and space to focus, but when your day is filled with managing your cloud infrastructure, it’s pretty close to impossible. That’s where our cloud experts become an extension of your team. Our experienced staff are ready to take those operational tasks and interruptions off your plate so you and your team can focus and drive your business forward.

Minimize ongoing management of infrastructure and databases, cost and consumption optimization, performance and availability monitoring and automation.

  • No-Risk MigrationAvoid pitfalls and reduce downtime when moving your IT assets to the cloud.
  • Infrastructure ManagementProvision cloud environments, proactively manage all systems and adhere to defined service levels.
  • Service ManagementAround-the-clock professionals to review alerts and manage incidents.
  • Application ManagementProvide application development, maintenance, and operational support for critical business applications.
Cloud Services Cloud Managed Services Cloud Management

Cyber Security Services For The Cloud

  • Intrusion Detection
  • Internal Vulnerability Scanning
  • External Vulnerability Scanning
  • Patch Monitoring
  • File Integrity Monitoring
  • Log & Event Management
  • Malware Protection
  • Dynamic Threat Monitoring
  • Compliance Management
  • Vulnerability Assessment and Remediation
Cloud Security Monitoring Cloud Security Cloud Security Management

Cloud security is the key component for every cloud-based deployment and our team of experts continuously monitor and respond to security issues in real-time, proactively protecting your environment from known vulnerabilities and identifying new threats before they become disruptive. Applying the best standards of integrity, confidentiality, and accessibility, we guarantee your cloud’s security at all times.

Large and complex environments require increasingly sophisticated protection. Your data and applications could be at risk if you just rely on default off-the-shelf security configurations. Our team of cloud security experts will use their own sophisticated tools to implement automated data collection and real-time threat detection. We will help you enforce security best practices across your infrastructure and keep your security measures up-to-date.

We leverage best-of-breed security solutions managed and monitored by our security experts to protect your critical data, workloads and applications—becoming a true extension of your IT team. Cloud Metric provides the ideal solution for organizations that require the best in trust, security and performance.

Backup to the Cloud, Recover in Minutes!

When disaster strikes, you need fast, reliable backup and recovery of your mission-critical data and applications. Our solutions are designed specifically for business environments and provides fast and flexible backup & disaster recovery for all systems in your environment, regardless of their complexity.

Our specialists are your single point of contact for all your cloud backup and disaster recovery needs, handling your backups securely and efficiently for assured business continuity. We handle the challenges of growing business data and the need to protect it.

We work with you to define your backup, recovery, retention, archiving and disaster recovery needs. We then configure and implement a customized data protection program by installing an all-in-one purpose-built backup appliance to protect your data for fast recovery. Your data is also replicated to a highly secure cloud environment, which enables us to restore lost servers in minutes. Our team of backup specialists monitors your backup jobs daily to ensure ongoing protection for your business.

  • Offsite Private Cloud BackupSafely store your data off-site in your own private cloud in the case of disaster, accidental error, or a system crash.
  • Offsite Private Cloud RestoreInstantly restore your data locally or to your own private cloud in the case of hardware failure, minimizing downtime.
  • Secure & ReliableSecurely transfer and save your data using industry standard AES 256bit encryption to our state of the art data centres.
  • Solution Based FlexibilityEvery business is unique. Protect yours against data loss with a solution built around your requirements and budget.
DR Management Cloud Backup DR Cloud Backup Management

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