Managed Cybersecurity

Peace of mind, strengthened compliance, and reduced risk of cybercrime


We Know How Important Cyber Security is to Your Business.

Cybersecurity is an integral part of your business. It’s also an essential component of managed IT services. To assist you in avoiding various attack scenarios, Cloud Metric uses cutting-edge cybersecurity tools and solutions focusing on specific attack vectors. The endpoint prevention, detection, and response (EDR) solutions we offer combine DNS filtering, automated patch management, next-generation antivirus, privileged access management, email security, and ransomware encryption protection. We ensure your employees, customers, and vendors have the highest level of protection with basic to advanced programs that also include cybersecurity training.

Detect and Respond

24*7 monitoring for threats
Firewall management
Patch management
Security audits
Incident response

Managed Security

Vulnerability scanning
Content filtering
Data encryption
Endpoint security
Phishing detection
Email protection

Cyber Risk Management

On-site consulting
Perimeter management
Compliance management
Minimized risk exposure
Web application testing

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    An all-encompassing look into your cybersecurity infrastructure


    A company’s overall security strategy should be built on educating employees and keeping them aware of the potential consequences of a security breach. Cloud Metric educates your employees on correct information, best security practices, policies, and general principles under the security awareness training program. Employees should receive regular security awareness training that teaches them how to defend themselves and the company best from potential threats.


    Cloud Metric carries out various tasks, including malware reverse engineering and host and network forensic investigation across all platforms. Our team can quickly confine and eliminate attacks by identifying the attack vector, creating a timeline of activities, and determining the scope of the compromise.


    Without a cybersecurity strategy, your business and data are vulnerable to malicious attacks and hackers. Cloud Metric protects you against typical cyber threats, including social engineering schemes, phishing, ransomware attacks and other malware aimed at stealing intellectual property.