Solutions for Small Business

Focus on the growth of your small business with accessible, scalable and secure cloud-hosting solutions from Cloud Metric.

Grow your Small Business with Accessible, Scalable Cloud-based Hosting.

Your focus is on your small business – maintaining and growing, ensuring that your team has secure access to reliable data records and software applications needed to keep operations running smoothly, whether in the office or on the road. As your organization grows so do its data storage and network requirements, but the costs to develop and maintain a system in house can be costly and ineffective if not managed properly. With Cloud Metric’s 100% Canadian cloud-based hosting solutions and fully managed network infrastructure, you can be sure that your organizational data is safe, secure and accessible, all while saving money on technical support staff and in-house hardware.

Small Business Solutions

Managed Infrastructure

System & Network Health Monitoring
24/7 Technical Support
Intrusion Detection & Prevention
100% Canadian Law Compliant

Secure & Redundant Data

Automatic Backups
Enhanced Encryption
9 Canadian Data Centres
Fast Disaster Recovery

Application Hosting

Bring your Own Software
Remote Team Accessibility
Secure, Collaborative File Sharing
Invite Clients to Collaborate

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    As your organization grows, so do its storage requirements for internal and client data, software applications and more, but developing, upgrading and maintaining in-house network and IT infrastructure can be incredibly costly, especially for small, growing businesses that require teams to be focused on organizational development and client services. Small businesses in almost every industry experience peaks and lulls, whether annually, seasonally or more. Often, this results in storage requirements being set up to host the busiest periods, resulting in wasted operational costs during downtime. Cloud-hosting solutions from Cloud Metric are fully managed, monitored and developed to scale up and down with fast growth or down to reduce requirements and costs during these slower seasons. With 24/7 technical support, our in-house engineering team can fix issues quickly and effectively, reducing the need to hire internal IT staff.


    Outsourcing your IT help desk is a vital first step towards proactive maintenance. By outsourcing IT service desk support for Tier 1 and Tier 2 help desk support, an organization can re-focus its existing internal IT team towards developing innovative and proactive solutions. IT help desk support can give your organization the boost it needs to finally transition away from reactive IT maintenance and towards proactive IT development. Cloud Metric offers complete managed IT help desk support solutions, intended to free up your organization’s internal IT team and let them focus on the company’s most important initiatives.

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    As a small business, internal team communication and external client communication are key to both sustaining and growing as an organization, making it crucial that software, applications and files be reliably accessible to those who need it, especially when working from home or on the road. Using Cloud Metric’s cloud-based hosting solutions, you can ensure that your team has secure and reliable access to necessary documents, applications and more, even from their own devices. Does your team require input or feedback from clients on projects? Does your organization require regular input from clients? Allow collaborators and clients from outside of your team as well!


    Enable the power of Office 365 by using Teams collaboration to light up the missing link of voice calling. Direct Routing enables Teams customers to connect to local PSTN via Cloud Metric’s SIP trunking. Microsoft Teams is an all-in-one communication solution, delivered with Office 365, that works wherever you do, on computers, mobile devices and desk phones. Cloud Metric connects your business to the feature rich cloud-based phone system and online and audio meetings. Using the combined power of Cloud Metrics Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams, businesses can now centralize and truly unify their communications.