Backup & Disaster Recovery

100% Canadian and compliant cloud backup and DR

End-to-End Data Protection Through Backup and Instant Cloud Recovery.

Loss of valuable data can harm standard business operations, staff productivity, client satisfaction, and revenue. Therefore, data backups and disaster recovery are crucial parts of any business continuity plan.  

Cloud Metric offers fully customizable turn-key IT backup & disaster recovery solutions for all system configurations. In case of a natural or manufactured disaster, our Canadian geo-redundant data centers allow us to safeguard and recover data, software, and servers with the minimum downtime possible. Backup all of your data from onsite servers to cloud based IT, to workstations, right down to your employees desktops and mobile devices. Business continuity takes on a whole new meaning when data is the lifeblood of your business. 

backup disaster recovery

Backup Your Servers

Multiple Platforms
Single Pane of Glass
Fast & Reliable
Active Protection
Storage Options
Universal Restoration

Backup Your Devices

Multiple Desktops
Multiple Tablets
Multiple Mobile Devices
Quick File Recovery
iOS / Android
Desktop Management

Recover to the Cloud

RPO’s range from minutes to hours
RTO can be minutes
Hot, warm, and cold scenarios
Flexible & Reliable
Ease of deployment
Automated reports

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    Cloud Metric provides you with a platform that enables organizations to deliver cyber protection in an easy, efficient, and secure way. With hybrid backup options, CMI enables your teams to be more efficient in their management of backup, antimalware, cybersecurity and disaster recovery services. Featuring a powerful AI-based engine and full integration and automation between services, CMI enables a proactive approach to deliver better cybersecurity postures and lower costs than legacy solutions. Protect your data against:

    • power outages
    • natural disasters
    • equipment breakdowns
    • malfunctions
    • accidental data deletion
    • unintentional hard drive formatting
    • damaged hard drives, software crashes
    • logical errors
    • physical damage to hard drives
    • laptop theft

      …among the long list of threats and concerns.


    According to studies, 75% of companies that experience severe data loss go out of business in less than 18 months.  Cloud Metric integrates proactive planning and prevents significant data loss to ensure that your organization flourishes regardless of what comes your way. We provide solutions that match the required recovery timelines and budget. 

    Designed specifically for business environments, Cloud Metric provides fast, flexible backup for all systems in your environment, regardless of their complexity. Complete backup solutions support any system type: virtual machines, physical servers, applications, workstations, mobile devices, and more. Smart backup features reduce network consumption and storage cost. Unified backup and recovery solutions for multi-system environments including: Windows Server, PC, Linux, Hyper-V, Exchange, SQL, VMWare, Citrix XenServer, RHEV/KVM, Oracle VM, SharePoint, Active Directory, and more.


    Convenient ability to instantly restore backups to any machine, regardless of platform. Now you can restore files, configurations, applications, or an entire system to the same hardware, to different hardware, or to your own private cloud. Restore an entire system to new, dissimilar hardware with a few simple clicks. Get up and running on a new machine in minutes, without compatibility issues. Migrate systems between physical and virtual platforms quickly and easily. Eliminate time spent on system re-installations and application setups.


    For businesses of all sizes, regulatory compliance is a crucial consideration regarding cloud data storage. Companies in sectors with strict regulations on data backup, management, and recovery frequently have little choice but to comply or suffer the repercussions. Cloud Metric stays compliant with all federal and provincial privacy laws in a 100% owned and operated Canadian environment.